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Listen: Owner of Ransacked and Looted Sports Store Talks About Baltimore Riots

Mark Levy has owned Sports Mart, a store in Baltimore that was completely destroyed in riots this week, for nearly 40 years.  


Levy isn't just a store owner, he's also an employer of people living in the neighborhood who need to provide for their families. A million dollars in product were lost and employees can no longer be paid. 

During an interview on The Norris and Davis Show earlier today, Levy talked about the damage to the store and to the people who work for him. The interview starts the three minute mark. 

"It's terrible man. It's terrible. A lot of people lost a lot of jobs and they don't know where to go from here." he said. "The owners we’ll be okay, you know it's going to take months and months to get ourselves situated but the poor people who depend on these weekly salaries it’s a terrible thing."

Some of the same people who are in the streets rioting over a supposed lack of opportunity are the same people destroying opportunity for people in their own communities.

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