Islamic Terrorist Who Took Hostages in Australia Has Criminal Record of Murdering Ex-Wife, Rape, Etc.

Posted: Dec 15, 2014 2:00 PM

The hostage siege by Islamic terrorist and Iranian refuge Sheikh Haron is over  in Australia, thank God, and now the questions about who exactly he is are starting to be answered. 

According to FrontPage Magazine, Haron has a long criminal history that includes murder of his ex-wife, rape and other violent crimes. He's also infamous for sending hate letters to the families of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sheikh Haron moved to Australia from Iran in 1996. During that time he was involved in murder, sexual assault and support for terrorism in the most blatant ways possible.

In two decades, he wasn’t expelled from the country despite a laundry list of crimes and horrible behavior like sending Jihadist letters to the families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

The core problem is that Sheikh Haron aka Man Haron Monis and all the others like him should…

1. Never have been allowed into Australia

2. Should have been forcibly deported after their first crime, their first act of support for terrorism

The media’s official narrative is that Sheikh Haron is mentally ill. Just another lone wolf. Just more workplace violence. There’s no point in even wasting time debating that.

An immigrant charged with over 40 sexual offenses only 6 years after arriving in the country should have been deported.

There are dozens of YouTube videos showing Haron spouting radical Islamic views and propaganda. Four years ago, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd publicly condemned him.

The media, the police and government authorities knew exactly who he was for decades. The good news is, he's dead now.

Over the past few years Australia, like many other countries around the world, has debated the consequences of lax immigration policies.