Terror Army Known as "Islamic State" Not Considered Islamic by President Obama

Posted: Sep 10, 2014 10:30 PM

ISIL and ISIS literally stands for "Islamic State" but the current President of the United States doesn't think they're "Islamic."

"ISIL is not Islamic," Obama said in his speech Wednesday night about ISIL [ISIS]. "No religion condones the killing if innocents. The vast majority of ISIL victims have been Muslim and ISIL is certainly not a state."

By this logic, Islamic State terrorists who kill Muslims because they aren't radical enough or the proper type of Muslim, aren't "Islamic." Obama's asinine statement comes just a few weeks after two American journalists had their heads sawed off in the name of Allah. ISIS has erased the border between Syria and Iraq, has declared an Islamic caliphate and controls territory the size of Michigan.

If we aren't willing to see our enemy for what they are, radical Islamic terrorists, we can't defeat them. Using political correctness to define ISIS helps no one, including millions of peaceful Muslims all around the world.

UPDATE: Republican Senator Rand Paul, who will most likely run for President in 2016, defended President Obama's comment on Hannity Wednesday nightand said civilized Muslims need to step up to fight ISIS.

UPDATE II: Surprise! CAIR, a Muslim advocacy organization with ties to terrorist groups like Hamas, apparently influenced Obama's speech.