Americans Block Buses From Dropping Off Illegal Immigrants in Southern California Town

Posted: Jul 02, 2014 8:30 AM

The Obama administration is continuing to transport hundreds of illegal immigrants to different locations throughout the country but last night protestors outside of Murrieta in Southern California blocked three buses from entering. They've had enough.

Protesters, some yelling, "They're not born here!" and "Go back to Mexico!" stood in the street, blocking the buses as they were headed to the suburban border patrol station in Murrieta.

The buses were coming to Murrieta to drop off 140 undocumented immigrants, who illegally crossed into the United States through Texas.

They are the first wave of migrants who are supposed to be processed at that location, before being released to to family or friends until they are called into immigration court.

Protesters say they believe the release will lead to more crime and homelessness.

That's because agents can only search criminal histories in the U.S. not other countries.

"Nothing is going to stop them from turning around and walking across the street, or walking into the downtown area, or getting on a bus and going somewhere else," Mark Yarbrough, a Perris City councilman.

Earlier this week, residents of the city expressed health and safety concerns regarding the transport and dumping of illegal immigrants to their area.

H/T American Power Blog