Socialist Activist Encouraged Women to Take Out Loans for Late Term Abortions

Posted: Dec 19, 2012 8:08 AM

A socialist activist in Seattle has admitted to asking women to "wait a few weeks" before getting an abortion in order to pay for the proceedure. The worker also admits she encouraged poor women to take out loans and pay for late term abortion services by credit card. Who is waging a war on women again?

A socialist activist has revealed she has encouraged indigent women to have later-term abortions, take out payday loans at more than 300 percent interest, and run up credit card bills they could not hope to repay in order to obtain an abortion.

Leela Yellesetty wrote in the Socialist Worker that she spent a week as a volunteer at the Community Abortion Information and Referral (CAIR) Project, a group that provides “help” to poor women who cannot afford an abortion.

“I counseled one woman to put a $3,000 procedure on her credit card—even though she was unemployed and had no way of making payments,”  Yellesetty wrote. “One woman got a payday loan at a 322 percent annual interest rate. I had to ask women if they had any valuables they could sell to the pawnshop, or if it was possible to put off paying some bills for the month.”

“I had to ask women who weren’t as far along if they could delay their procedure another week or two,” she said.

Too bad Yellesetty didn't refer these women to a crisis pregnancy center instead.

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