Eric Holder on His Way Out?

Posted: Nov 08, 2012 12:40 PM

No, he isn't getting fired, he just might be leaving. According to Reuters, Attorney General Eric Holder told an audience at the University of Baltimore earlier today that he isn't sure if he'll be heading the Department of Justice in a second Obama term.

If Holder doesn't stay, he'll leave behind a long and horrible legacy: prosecuting CIA officials, prosecuting Navy SEALs for fighting terrorists, attempts to hold terrorist trials in the United States, the pathetic Ghailani verdict, the refusal to prosecute New Black Panther Party members for intimidating voters in 2008, the racialization of the voting rights division of the Department of Justice, Operation Fast and Furious, covering up sex trafficking of underage girl and more.

I've heard from my own sources that Holder won't be back for Obama's second term.