President Obama Casts His Vote For Himself

Posted: Oct 25, 2012 11:56 AM

President Obama is casting his vote early in Chicago this afternoon (so he can cast another vote on Election Day.....just kidding). 

Friend --

This afternoon, I'm casting my ballot in my hometown of Chicago. I'm told I'll be the first sitting president to take advantage of early voting.

And I can't wait.

In just 12 days, you'll be able to make your voice heard, too. I know I can count on your vote, but you probably have some friends and family who need to be reminded how important their vote is. Reach out to your friends in Virginia and other battleground states.

Look, this race is extremely tight. It's going to come down to which side can more effectively turn out the vote in these final days, and early vote is a huge part of that.

Whether people get out to vote this year, in this election, is even more critical than the last time around.

So this is serious, and I'm going to need your help if we want to win.

Connect with your friends and urge them to commit to vote:



P.S. -- Not on Facebook? Don't let that stop you from getting the word out. Ask your friends and family to get the information they need at

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