Biden's Charitable Giving Pretty Pathetic

Posted: Sep 25, 2012 8:30 AM

Last week Mitt Romney released his tax returns. One thing we learned? Romney is a pretty generous guy, afterall he gave away 30 percent or $4 million of his income away in 2011 alone. Joe Biden on the other hand, who has said in the past "paying more taxes is patriotic," doesn't even get close to even half a percent in charitable giving throughout the past ten years. Now, it's not my place to determine what is and is not an appropriate amount to give to charity each year, but considering Team Obama has done everything to paint Romney as out-of-touch, greedy and uncaring, it's fair to address the topic when it comes to Biden.

When Joe Biden was first running for vice president, his tax returns showed that he had given away just $3,690 to charity over the previous ten years (about 0.2 percent of his income).  In other words, Romney gave away a thousand times as much to charity in one year as Biden gave in a decade.   

Last year, Romney freely gave away more than $10,000 a day to charity — an impressive sum by nearly any standard.  Of course, it’s not too hard to beat Biden’s tally.  Over the span of that decade, or 3,650 days, he gave away $3,690 — an average of $1.01 a day.

Last week I went on CNN to discuss the release of Romney's returns, arguing he obviously understands the concerns and needs of the poor since he's willing to give away such a high percentage of his income each year to help them.