Occupy Anarchists Coming to the RNC: Bricks, Pipes Found

Posted: Aug 22, 2012 4:47 PM

Just like in 2008.....

"Disrupting speech by any means necessary."



The Department of Homeland Security has also confirmed anarchist groups are planning to disrupt the convention.

Liberty Chick over at Breitbart has been warning about violence for months and has a comprehensive piece up about it today.

Law enforcement agencies have been gearing up for the Republican National Convention in Tampa to be held August 27th – August 30th.  For many, that’s welcome news, as local and national anarchist groups have amped up the chatter in recent months.

In 2010, after it was first announced that Tampa would be the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention, AnarchistNews.org published the following letter from the Tampa Bay Action Group:

    In August of 2012, the Republican National Convention will be held in the sunny, humid, sub-tropical belly of the beast of Tampa Bay, Florida.

    The Tampa Bay Action Group (TBAG), a decentralized collective of anarchists strewn throughout the urban and swampy reaches of Florida, is committed to making 2012 and the RNC in Tampa a truly catastrophic celebration of liberty and joy. The theater of capitalist disaster will rear its head in the divided apartheid communities of Tampa, where wealth touts itself as master of the land, as the Mayan calender [sic] comes to the end of a cycle. While TBAG does not adhere to prophesy, the hint of collapse (and renewal) is a promising dream.

    We do not take sides with Dems or Reps. Nevertheless, the Republicans and their racist wannabe Tea Party stooges happen to be the imperialists-dejour [sic] entering our waters. We intend to demonstrate what a real tea party looks like: the direct and deliberate destruction of the commodities of our oppressors and the celebration of the armed spirit.

    With Love and Lust for Life,

    The Tampa Bay Action Group

    PS, we are not a coordinating committee. That group has yet to present itself.

The group also issued a disturbing press release in 2010 in anticipation of the 2012 convention.

Anarchists? Hurricanes? Joe Biden? Prepare for the worst, people.