Obama Ignores White House Press but Gives Exclusive to Entertainment Tonight

Posted: Aug 16, 2012 7:47 AM

President Obama is hiding from the White House press corps. Since late June 2012, Obama has done two interviews, one with a sports talk radio station where he answered six questions which were all non-policy related and the other with Entertainment Tonight. Entertainment Tonight host Chris Jacobs bragged about co-host Nancy O'Dell receiving "unprecedented access" to the president, even riding in the presidential motorcade and getting a "closer look than any other show."



The ET piece shows a surprise stop at a bar by President Obama, which Jacobs is heard on air describing as, "Nancy is just steps away from the president, clearly in his element."

O'Dell is seen hugging and laughing with First Lady Michelle Obama and pitching softball questions to President Obama about Mitt Romney's "attacks." She asked Obama if it was possible to move forward witout mudslinging and dirty politics and he responded by saying, "There's not a lot of mudslinging going on." Obama must have forgotten about the Super PAC ad released by his former White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton essentially accusing Mitt Romney of killing a man's wife.

To O'Dell's credit, she also asked about Vice President Joe Biden's "they're [Romney/Ryan] are going to put ya'll back in chains comment," to which Obama said, "His phrasing is a distraction from what's at stake."