Democrats to 2012 Election: We're Just Not That Into You

Posted: Aug 14, 2012 7:55 AM

Unfortunately for Team Obama, Democrats just aren't that into Election 2012. Republicans are far more excited, especially after the Paul Ryan pick for VP, about going to the polls in November according to new polling.

Seventy-four percent of Republicans said they’re thinking about the election “quite a lot,” compared to 61 percent of Democrats, the USA Today/Gallup survey found.

“In most prior election campaigns, Republicans have typically paid a higher level of attention to the election than Democrats. However, the current 13-point Republican advantage is larger than Gallup has measured in recent presidential election years,” Gallup wrote. “That may be because Republicans had a competitive nomination contest this year, while on the Democratic side, President Obama was not challenged for the nomination. In the early part of 2008, when Democrats had a prolonged and competitive nomination contest between Obama and Hillary Clinton, Democrats led Republicans in thought given to the election.”