Romney on Obama: His Campaigning is Almost Below the Office of the President

Posted: Aug 11, 2012 5:31 PM

During a campaign event with his newly minted Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan today in Manassas, Virginia, Mitt Romney slammed President Obama for his dirty campaigning and refusal to focus on policy, going as far as accusing Obama of "almost" disrespecting the office of President of the United States. The comment came after a week of Romney being falsely accused of killing a man's wife. On a policy level, Romney and Ryan both reminded President Obama that America was built on and is run by small businesses, that hard work is important and that his policies have failed. Lines to get into the event were long as Republicans rally around "America's Come Back Team."


photo credit: Young America's Foundation's Ron Meyer

“We want to restore the principles that made America the hope of the earth,” Romney said.

Romney laid out a five point initial plan for his administration during the rally:

1.    Harness America energy
2.    Reform education, promoting skills used in the work place, putting kids first and teacher unions on the back burner
3.    Trade that works for America, opening up more trade and stopping unfair trade (specifically focusing on China)
4.    Cut spending, balance the budget
5.    Promote small business, part of this plan will include the repeal of ObamaCare

Romney didn't miss any opportunities to remind the crowd of President Obama's statement to small business owners that they "didn't build that," either. If the Obama campaign thought comments about that statement were going away, they were wrong.

“In this country we are free to pursue happiness as we choose and people striving and achieving is what built America,” Romney said. "I love America, you love America, that’s why you’re here.”