Welcome to the 2012 DNC Agenda, Jimmy Carter

Posted: Aug 07, 2012 12:18 PM

One of the worst presidents in United States history is set to address the DNC convention in Charlotte by video. Jimmy Carter, a president Barack Obama has been repeatedly compared to for failed economic policies, stances on Israel and for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, has been added to the agenda.

Former President Jimmy Carter will address the Democratic National Convention by video on the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 4, according to a press release Tuesday.

“President Carter is one of the greatest humanitarian leaders of our time and a champion of democracy around the globe," Los Angeles Mayor and Convention Chair Antonio Villaraigosa said in the release.


This just seems like a really bad idea. Carter is the last Demcratic president to lose a re-election bid and not only that, he lost in a landslide by 10 points, to Ronald Reagan.