Fast and Furious Protest at the White House Monday

Posted: Jul 02, 2012 8:10 AM

UPDATE: The protest has been shut down due to a "suspicious backpack."


President Obama will be getting some visitors today as activists plan to protest against the administration for Operation Fast and Furious. Protest organizer Oliver Darcy expects at least 100 people to show up, some with signs saying, "300 Dead Mexicans is a BFD," and "Is 300 Dead Mexicans Racist?" playing off of the argument Attorney General Eric Holder has made that the investigation from certain journalists and Congress into Operation Fast and Furious is simply because of his race. The protest comes just days after Holder was held in criminal and civil contempt of Congress and two weeks after President Obama asserted executive privilege for Holder in the case, allowing him refusal to turn over subpoened documents pertaining to his roll in the lethal operation.

“We want justice for the victims and families affected by this scandal.  We are protesting to let Barack Obama and AG Holder know that the truth must prevail," Darcy said. "They should fully disclose all documents related to the case in order to bring closure to a dark moment in our country’s history.  Anything less is a fraud of justice.”

The protest will be held from 10 am-12 pm today on the North Lawn of the White House.