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Liberals Keep Screaming About Partisan "Witch Hunt" That Isn't Partisan

Liberal Eric Holder apologists and race baiters just can't stand the fact that Democrats gasp, yes Democrats plan to vote to hold Holder in contempt tomorrow. Yesterday I wrote about Al Sharpton's disgusting display of distortions about the looming contempt vote and now, Twitchy has documented the reaction from liberals who are outraged over the bipartisan effort to get to the bottom of Operation Fast and Furious.





Because Democrats are now onboard with contempt, the argument that the Congressional investigation into Operation Fast and Furious and the contempt vote scheduled tomorrow are "politically motivated," no longer applies. This is the only argument opponents of contempt and the investigation have been able to make, meaning, they have nothing left. Considering liberals have been screaming about the "partisanship" they accuse Republicans of in this case, I fully expect them to applaud their fellow Democrats for being bipartisan in this effort.

The Fast and Furious investigation is a partisan witch hunt, that doesn't exist.

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