Obama's Million Dollar Man Bill Maher Attacks Bristol Palin Again

Posted: May 08, 2012 11:15 AM

Apparently, "comedian" Bill Maher just can't help himself when it comes to attacking conservative females, especially those with the last name Palin. Today, Maher issued his latest attack to Palin on Twitter.


The Obama campaign still refuses to return Maher's $1 million donation. Twitchy has more:

Remember when you said this?

“People’s families are off limits. People’s children are especially off limits.”

Sorry, President Obama, did we fail to let you be clear again? Because obviously what you really meant was, “Children are off limits, unless you’re a bitter misogynist who donated a million bucks to get me reelected.”

Sandra Fluke gets her widdle feelings hurt and the president puts her on speed dial. Bristol Palin weathers repeated attacks from an Obama donor? Crickets.