Munch Munch: What Michelle Obama is Eating Now

Posted: Nov 30, 2011 10:15 AM

We wouldn't care about what Michelle Obama ate if she wasn't constantly lecturing us about what we should and should not be putting into our bodies with her taxpayer funded "Let's Move" campaign. Apparently, the First Lady decided to have a post-Thanksgiving feast of fancy Swordfish sliders and an edible chocolate sculpture.

First lady Michelle Obama enjoyed a lovely evening at Co Co. Sala on F Street on Monday night. A Yeas & Nays source tells us she dined with seven friends for dinner and, of course, dessert -- which featured an edible chocolate sculpture and house-made artisanal chocolates by Chef Santosh Tiptur. We're told Obama's favorite savory was Chef Tiptur's Moroccan Swordfish Sliders with chermoula marinade, fennel salad, aged pecorino and hazelnut coffee dressing.

If you're going to have a slider, make it beef.