Monday Humor: Finding the "Help Us Now" Guy at OWS

Posted: Nov 28, 2011 11:31 AM

I was in New York over the Thanksgiving weekend and just happened to run into this guy. When I spotted him, he was ironically hanging out with friends who were using corporate produced spray paint cans to paint their Occupy Wall Street signs. Other observations of my short time in Zuccotti park included the following:

-Listening to a girl say to me while holding a cup filled with change, "I'm trying to Occupy Spain and Germany, can you please help me? I need money to renew my passport." To which I responded, "Excuse me? I paid for my own passport renewal thank you very much."

-Listening to a man yell, "This is Woodstock plus!"

Snit Romney
Kurt Schlichter

-Watching a man pass out pizza but requiring people who wanted a slice listen to what he had to say in order to receive a piece