More Women Refusing to Be Victims of Crime

Posted: Nov 22, 2011 6:58 AM

Gentlemen, thinking about what to get your lady for Christmas? How about a handgun or a concealed carry course? More women than ever are interested and taking advantage of opportunities to learn how to protect themselves while having some fun.

One a recent Saturday morning, Debra Robinson, 52, of Macomb Township drove two hours to spend the day learning about and practicing shooting guns.

"Our home was burglarized once while we were at work. The kids are grown up and out of the house. So now I have the luxury of time and I want to learn while I can."

Robinson signed up for the six-hour class almost as soon as she saw a newspaper notice about it. It's a good thing she signed up quickly, because the women-only class reached its maximum number of 25 students well before the deadline. There was a waiting list of women from all over Michigan, who wanted to learn more about guns.

The popularity of the class comes as no surprise to people working in the business who've seen growing interest in guns among women in recent years. Experts say women are taking more gun classes, buying and packing pistols and larger firearms, and they're having fun with guns at target ranges and gun sporting events.

As I always say, refuse to be a victim, or not, the choice is yours.