John Edwards 2012 Resolution: Avoid Occupying Prison Cell

Posted: Nov 21, 2011 9:38 AM

As we head into the 2012 election year, let's not forget about the 2004 presidential cycle, when Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry tapped former Senator John Edwards as his vice presidential running mate; or the 2008 cycle, when Edwards ran for the presidency while being heavily involved in an extra-maritial affair with his videographer Rielle Hunter. Fast forward to January 2012, and Edwards will stand trial for accusations surrounding the use of campaign funds to cover up his affair.

Former U.S. presidential hopeful John Edwards will go on trial at the end of January on charges he violated campaign finance laws.

U.S. District Court Judge Catherine Eagles, sitting in Greensboro, N.C., scheduled jury selection to begin Jan. 30 and first evidence in the case to be presented Feb. 13, Politico reported Wednesday.

Edwards, a former one-term U.S. senator representing North Carolina, has pleaded not guilty to charges he violated campaign finance law during his 2008 bid for the Democratic presidential nomination by conspiring to use about $900,000 in contributions from two supporters for living expenses of his mistress, Rielle Hunter, and a child he fathered with her.

He is accused of causing false reports to be filed with the Federal Election Commission, among other things.

Where is Gloria Allred on this one?