Better Off Today Than 1000 Days Ago?

Posted: Oct 17, 2011 5:52 PM

Today is President Obama's 1000th day in office. Since his inauguration, America has received 9.1 percent unemployment, massive debt, the government take over of healthcare resulting in higher healthcare costs, Occupy Wall Street, 900 days without a budget from Senate democrats, a skyrocketing poverty rate, 43 million on food stamps, 14 million unemployed and more.

The national debt stands at $14.9 trillion–$4.2 trillion of which has been added since Obama took his oath of office. Fourteen million Americans are unemployed–that’s 9.1 percent of the workforce. The unemployment rate has been above nine percent for 840 of the 1000 days, and the average unemployed worker has been without a job for more than 9 months. All told, 2.2 million jobs have been lost under Obama’s watch, despite the White House’s claims that the President’s $787 billion stimulus would create 3.3 million net jobs by 2010.

And what is the President doing to celebrate his 1000th day mark? Touring the country to promote the same policies that got us into this Obama lead disaster.

Unfortunately, instead of leading America toward fiscal sanity and a stronger economy, the President is taking the country in the opposite direction. Last week, his latest proposal to “stimulate” the economy with another $447 billion in spending failed to pass the Senate, but instead of recognizing that more taxing and spending is not what America wants or needs, he’s redoubling his efforts. Today, the President is starting another bus tour to sell a different version of the same plan–this time broken up into pieces of taxing and spending still big enough to choke a horse. It’s the same plan, only in different packaging.

So, are you better off today than you were 1000 days ago?

US in Moral Decline
Walter E. Williams