Tea Party Patriots Demand Apology From Biden

Posted: Aug 02, 2011 8:04 PM

As Guy reported yesterday, the Vice President of the United States referred to tea party Americans as "acting like terrorists," during a Democratic caucus meeting yesterday. The remarks came after another democrat, Rep. Moyer said "we have negotiated with terrorists," when referring to talks and compromise with newly elected freshmen. Today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney defended the remarks, saying they were simply part of an "emotional" debate.

Now, the Tea Party Patriots, a national grassroots, non-partisan, non-profit group dedicated to promoting the principles of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets (yep, sounds like a bunch of terrorists!)  are demanding an apology from Biden for the smear and false accusation and comparison.

“It is offensive, false and shocking that the person one step away from the Presidency calls Members of Congress, who were elected on tea party principles, a term used for the attackers on 9/11,” said Jenny Beth Martin, National Coordinator of Tea Party Patriots. “Millions of Americans across the country agree with the freshmen who listened to their constituents and opposed raising the debt ceiling throughout the debate.  To call these elected officials ‘terrorists’ is unacceptable and on behalf of the Members of Congress, the millions of Tea Party Patriots and the rest of the country, we demand a full and unequivocal apology.”
“For someone who’s known for his gaffes, this one shows Joe Biden has a gross favoritism toward one group of people,” said Mark Meckler, National Coordinator of Tea Party Patriots.  “Vice President Biden, along with the President, was elected to serve all of the people in the United States, not just his liberal friends in Washington.  Those who stood firm for fiscal discipline deserve to be praised, not smeared.  They showed that our country’s future, not the Washington elite, is what is important to them.  Biden’s cavalier and disrespectful attitude to those chosen to represent their constituents is improper, and he should say so.”

If Biden had any class, he would apologize and President Obama would apologize for his remarks as well. If anything, the Left should take a page out of their own playbook, call in their new tone police and demand an apology be given to the tea party for purposes of civility. But, I won't hold my breathe.