Prince Charles: Environmental Hypocrite

Katie Pavlich
Posted: May 02, 2011 6:00 PM
The Prince of Wales will make a speech next week at Georgetown University during a conference on sustainability in agriculture. In the past, Prince Charles has been an advocate against global warming and an advocate for people to live with less. The problem is, the Prince doesn't practice what he preaches and is a hypocrite.

To be clear, the film is not about attacking the Prince and his family for their wealth, but for their arrogance in thinking those who cannot afford to go green should be using expensive energy to save the planet while they continue their life of luxury and excess made possible by fossil fuels. 

Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer expose the Prince across the pond.

"TheRoyal family employ thousands and attract millions of tourists to the UKand they are entitled to profit from that. Instead, the film points out that environmentalist, Prince Charles, is hypocritical. He lectures on sustainability and tells people they must live with less in order to save the planet yet he lives a lavish wasteful lifestyle."said McAleer.

"PRINCE CHARLES HYPOCRITE also shows howthe Prince says we must end our "age of convenience". He wants to makeour lives more inconvenient to save the planet from alleged climatechange but the Prince refuses to make any changes in his own life."

"This is classic hypocrisy and needs to be exposed," said McElhinney."Prince Charles is coming here to the US to lecture students at a sustainability conference in Washington DC. It is very important that his lifestyle be measured against his pronouncements. There should be some accountability."