Rep. Paul Ryan: Government Doesn't Give Us Our Rights

Posted: Feb 10, 2011 5:08 PM
Rep. Paul Ryan hasn't lost sight of the message voters sent to Congress during the November 2010 elections.

In reference to his home-state Green Bay Packers' big win on Sunday, Rep. Paul Ryan laid out where we are in President Obama's first term as "half-time," describing the first half as the Left completely out of control with no fiscal restraints or plans to take responsibility for exploding debt, all while reassuring audience members that the GOP has a game plan for the second half.

"We owe you."

Ryan stressed the importance of individual freedom and success in order for the nation to flourish, saying the way forward is through reduced spending and the contribution of individual talent and knowledge in the private sector.

"The path to prosperity isn't through solar panels and high speed trains. It's through releasing individual freedom."
"Our rights come from nature and God not government."

"This is the time. This is ours, 2012 is ours."
Ryan took a shot at the social conservative vs. fiscal conservative argument, saying they both come from the same moral root, that they cannot be separated in order to defend one another.