British Prime Minister: Multiculturalism Has Failed

Posted: Feb 09, 2011 12:14 PM
We've all been thinking it and British Prime Minister David Cameron has the courage to say it, in front of world leaders and a world-wide audience: Multiculturalism has failed.

If only our politicians would drop the political correctness card and do the same.

He said the U.K. needs a stronger national identity to prevent people turning to extremism.

"If we are to defeat this threat, I believe it's time to turn the page on the failed policies of the past," he told an international conference in Munich.

"Under the doctrine of state multiculturalism, we have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and the mainstream,” Cameron said during a panel discussion attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “We have failed to provide a vision of society to which they feel they want to belong.”

He said the “hands-off tolerance” in Britain and other European nations has encouraged Muslims and other immigrant groups “to live separate lives, apart from each other and the mainstream.”