Maybe It Does Take a Rocket Scientist!

Posted: Oct 11, 2010 4:47 PM

Conservative Republican and rocket scientist Ruth McClung has pulled ahead of liberal socialist, open border advocate, boycotter of Arizona and co-chair of the Progressive Caucus Rep. Raul Grijalva. (Just to give you an idea of just how bad this guy is, Alan Grayson is also part of the Progressive Caucus)

As many Americans do not know, Rep. Grijalva hasn't had to run a real campaign since he took office, but will be running his first television ads in the last weeks leading up to the election. He oversees Congressional District 7, a border district that democrats didn’t seem to be worried about with 2-1 democrat to republican voter registration advantage, but since Grijalva called for the boycott of his own state after the passage of SB 1070, resulting in even tougher economic times for Arizona, he has lost popularity among democrats, republicans and independants.

The McClung campaign released the following statement earlier today on their website:

PHOENIX, AZ – A recent survey conducted by Phoenix-based Summit Consulting Group, Inc. shows four-term Democrat Congressman Raul Grijalva in a surprisingly tough re-election campaign against Republican Challenger Ruth McClung.

An automated survey conducted between October 4th and 5th among 1,807 likely general election voters shows McClung clearly within striking distance of beating Grijalva in Congressional District 7 which encompasses a large swath of southwestern Arizona.

When asked the question,

“In the upcoming general election for Congress, do you plan on supporting Democrat Raul Grijalva, Republican Ruth McClung, or are you undecided?”

The results were:

Raul Grijalva 37%
Ruth McClung 39%
Undecided 24%

Based on the results, McClung has locked down the Republican base, losing only 5% to Grijalva. She earns 18% among Democrat voters and a whopping 42% among Independents.

The sample included voters who have participated in the last two general elections and was in line with the current voter registration numbers. Democrats comprised 43%, Republican voters 24% and Independent, Party Not Determined and Other Party were 33% of the sample used.

Sarah Palin has just endorsed her.

In McClung's most recent television ad she sends the message that Grijalva is not representing Arizona in Washington, and it is no surprise the Grijalva supporters are already calling the tv spot "racist."

Here she is at the Tucson Tea Party last weekend.