AZ Rep.Grijalva Raised Campaign Funds in California After Boycotting AZ

Posted: Oct 11, 2010 6:00 PM

When you boycott your home state, you have to raise money for your re-election campaign with open-border advocates in California. 

From the San Fernando Valley Sun: 

It's not typical to have an event in Los Angeles to raise funds to support an Arizona congressmen. But that was the case last weekend when many long time Latino community and political activists gathered to support Raul Grijalva.

Dr. Rudy Acuna, one of the organizers, said the Los Angeles fundraiser to support the Arizona congressman was organized quickly.

"Raul Grijalva is the most progressive legislator in the country and is under attack by the right wing. Just last week one of these zealots contributed one million dollars to defeat him because of his leadership in fight SB 1070."

Grijalva was elected to Congress from Southern Arizona's 7th District,in 2002. His district has been at the center of the controversy. Grijalva has been vocal in denouncing SB1070 as racist legislation in local and national media and he supported the Arizona boycott.

Acuna said the fund raiser proves that Californians supports the fight against racism in Arizona and will support courageous politicos such as Grijalva. "He is fighting our fight," Acuna said.