Dear Al Sharpton: Get Out of My State

Posted: Apr 27, 2010 12:48 AM
As the violence in Chicago rages out of control, leading to a cry for help from Rep. LaShawn Ford and Rep. John Fritchey to Illinois's Gov. Pat Quinn to deploy National Guard troops to get things under control, it sure seems that prominent black leaders like Rev. Al Sharpton should be heavily involved in trying to stop the black on black violence in President Obama's city of Chicago. 

But where is Al Sharpton in all of this instead? He's in Arizona, telling locals what "they need" and "why the people in favor of SB 1070 (70% of the state might I add) are wrong." He also called for an economic boycott of the state, which has already been facing massive budget deficits and economic downturn. At least President Obama stayed on the front lawn of the White House to express his disapproval and "concerns" about this state bill.

Nearly all of the budget deficit would be eliminated if illegal immigration wasn't an issue putting a burden on every sector of the Arizona economy including healthcare and education. 

Sharpton is taking carpet bagging to a whole new level. Leave it to the leftist elitists to make this situation much bigger than it really is. 

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