Go Figure: 'Occupy Cookbook' Scrapped for Disorganization

Posted: Jul 05, 2012 3:00 PM

Ever wondered how to eat like the 99%? Well, keep wondering, because the "Occupy Cookbook" won't be appearing on bookshelves near you anytime soon...or anytime at all, for that matter. Indeed, Seattle food vendor/cookbook publisher/Occupy sympathizer Devra Gartenstein tried to work with the protesters on the project, but the effort failed:

It was difficult to figure out whether the book should be inexpensive or a coffee table novelty, how to split profits and whether there should be profits, and how it should be organized.

"The last time I heard from (the organizer), he was still waiting for folks to submit recipes...Needless to say, the book never happened," she wrote. But she hopes it will move forward with someone, some day.

"The Occupy Cookbook project ran into contradictions at every turn in part because the acts of preparing and serving food are so complicated, bringing so much joy and also carrying so much baggage. Cooking can be an art or a pleasure; it can also be sheer drudgery, a burden and an obligation. We all deserve to be fed but, in order for this to happen, someone has to be enlisted to feed us," she wrote.

Wait...you mean to tell me that anti-capitalist anarchists can't get their act together to compile recipes and use them to publish a saleable cookbook? I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

Also, "We all deserve to be fed but...someone has to be enlisted to feed us?" There are certainly classes of people who need help feeding themselves: babies, the elderly and infirm, and the poor, but the majority of the Occupy protesters are young, able-bodied, and perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. They just don't want to. Could these people BE more entitled?