Poll: Only 43% Want Four More for Obama

Posted: Dec 16, 2011 6:29 PM

A new Associated Press-GfK poll, conducted this week, reveals that most Americans don't believe the president has earned a second term -- and that he's losing support among Independents, a key demographic that helped him win 2008.


For the first time, the poll found that a majority of adults, 52 percent, said Obama should be voted out of office while 43 percent said he deserves a second term. The numbers represent a clear reversal since last May, when 53 percent said Obama should be re-elected while 43 percent said he didn't deserve four more years.

Obama's overall job approval stands at a new low: 44 percent approve while 54 percent disapprove. The president's standing among independents is worse: 38 percent approve while 59 percent disapprove. Among Democrats, the president holds steady with an approval rating of 78 percent while only 12 percent of Republicans approve of the job he's doing.

Concern over slow economic recovery has largely affected his numbers, but perhaps more startling for Obama: more Americans than ever disapprove of his signature accomplishment, the healthcare bill.


The poll found unpopularity for last year's health care reform bill, one of Obama's major accomplishments. About half of the respondents oppose the health care law and support for it dipped to 29 percent from 36 percent in June. Just 15 percent said the federal government should have the power to require all Americans to buy health insurance.

Even among Democrats, the health care law has tepid support. Fifty percent of Democrats supported the health care law, compared with 59 percent of Democrats last June. Only about a quarter of independents back the law.

Granted, respondents weren't overwhelmingly enthusiastic about any of the GOP candidates, but these numbers illustrate the equally precarious position Obama is in heading to the 2012 general election. What was that you were saying about change, Mr. President?