Cover Your Ears: Miley Cyrus Releases Pro-Occupy Video

Posted: Nov 28, 2011 4:42 PM

Occupying a stereo near you, it's Miley Cyrus!

The erstwhile teen queen has debuted a new video for her single "Liberty Walks," an electro-pop jam that's about as high-quality as Meghan McCain's MSNBC analysis. The video opens with the words, "This is dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in...," and features clips from Occupy protests around the country, relying heavily on footage of "police brutality."

What about the rapes? The numerous deaths? The vandalism, violencedisruption, and high cost to taxpayers? Miley's video, and its implied worldview, are woefully immature and uninformed -- but that's unsurprising, and hardly worth noting.

Really, this video -- and its horrific song -- would hardly be worth noting but for the real concern here: her audience. Despite her recent travails, she still has quite the youth following, and impressionable children who don't follow the news tend to parrot whatever their celebriteen-of-choice happens to be squaking about this week. This video glamorizes the Occupy protests, makes them into victims of brutality and martyrs for their cause without noting the detrimental effects these protests have had on their communities.

It's an easy, unresearched move designed to make her look tuned in and socially conscious -- despite the fact that she likely knows as much about these protests as I do about the record industry. Meanwhile, kids will see this video and assume the worst about the police, and the best about these protesters.

Where's the music video about the small businesses the Occupy protests have jeopardized? I guess that cause just isn't sexy enough.