The Islamic Republic of Pakistan Has Banned Valentine's Day

Posted: Feb 14, 2017 10:15 AM

There will no longer be any celebration of Valentine's Day in one of the most populated Muslim countries in the world.  

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has banned any practice of advertisements, electronic or print, that reference Valentine's Day.  No longer can any merchandise of the romantic holiday be sold and local governments have been barred from any practice.

The court declared that love was being used as a "cover" to spread "immorality, nudity and indecency... which is against our rich traditions and values."

Pakistan's Electronic Media Regulatory Authority will monitor any media platforms that could potentially compromise the ruling.

Protesters led a demonstration Saturday to encourage the Islamic government to put an end to the "Western" holiday they said "tends to be associated with free sex."

"Say no to Valentine," a group of people said.  "That makes us afraid."