MLK III Meets with Trump on MLK Day

Posted: Jan 16, 2017 2:00 PM

President-elect Donald Trump met with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s eldest son on Monday to discuss voting rights and African-American relations.  Martin Luther King III met with Trump on the very day that Americans celebrate the life of his late father. 

“Today, President-elect Trump is going to sit down with Martin Luther King III and others in New York and have a conversation about voting, about bringing more people into the system, the legacy of Doctor King and how we can continue to pursue that under the Trump administration,” Trump spokesman Sean Spicer said.

King weighed in on the recent debates between Trump and Rep. John Lewis, where Trump termed Lewis's actions in his home district of Georgia as "all talk, no action."

"The goal is to bring America together," King said in the lobby of Trump's hotel.  He also reminded reporters that his father would be more concerned with poverty in America, especially the black community.

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