Olbermann Unhinged: Trump Voters Traitors, the End of Independent America

Posted: Dec 13, 2016 2:45 PM

So, you voted for President-elect Donald Trump and you don't believe he is a puppet of Russia?

You're a traitor.

Do you believe that the United States should not "rid itself" of Donald Trump?

You're a traitor.

Democrats don't only think Trump supporters are deplorable, but they also believe they are traitors to the United States.  On Monday, a leading Democrat correspondent confirmed these beliefs about millions of Americans in a GQ Magazine video rant.

President-elect Donald Trump is “not a president” but instead a “puppet put in power by Vladimir Putin,” Keith Olbermann, a former MSNBC host, screamed into a camera as he attacked those who disbelieve recent mainstream media reports about Russian hacking in the 2016 election.

After marginalizing and belittling millions of Americans who support Trump, Olbermann gave a grim ultimatum to those who will not submit to his conspiracy theories.

“Those who ignore these elemental, existential facts — Democrats or Republicans — are traitors to this country and will immediately and forever after be held accountable,” he said.

Olbermann said if Trump is allowed to become president “January 20th will not be an inauguration but rather the end of the United States as an independent country.”

Olbermann went on to say that America is handing over all of its freedom to “Russian scum.”

If "Donald Trump to assume the office of president reduces the chance that we will have any future elections,” he added. “The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread, and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum! Who are beholden to scum! Russian scum! As things are today, January 20th will not be an inauguration, but rather the end of the United States as an independent country. It will not be a peaceful change of power. It will be a usurpation, and the usurper has no validity, no credibility, and no authority under the Constitution.”