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Van Jones: Clinton Foundation Does a Lot of Good, They've Saved Lives

There are still those out there who believe that relationships between heads of state and business leaders around the world is a "nothingburger" and future governments should model themselves after the Clinton Foundation. Van Jones made these feeling clear on CNN during and interview on Friday.


"I really don’t get this. It’s impossible to imagine what could, what bad thing can happen if a government official helps a charity hire a good person. It’s what we often want a big official to do. You love it when the mayor or deputy mayor sits on the advisory committee and helps out. Suddenly anything that involves the Clinton Foundation is a scandal, even a nothing like this."

He then went to make his case that government officials should hire people into positions for charitable donations.

“When you are in public life, if you are a government official, you often volunteer, you do charitable stuff. The fact that her chief of staff, not her, it’s not like she is going over and making the hires. I don’t think that people are being honest about how these networks work. You know a bunch of people, you work together, you are on this committee together and that committee together, you go golfing. Whatever. So you, somebody picks up the phone and says, ‘hey, listen, we have to make a hire, you are smart.’ How does this destroy America because somebody helps somebody hire?”


In conclusion, Jones made his moral case for the Clinton Foundation.

"This one, it’s just a staffer that helps to hire somebody, it’s much to do about nothing and it’s trying to drive a narrative that the Clinton Foundation is a scandal prone thing. There’s a lot of people alive in the world today because the Clinton Foundation helped on AIDS and water. And I just think sometimes it’s much to do about nothing.”

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