Watch: Mutiny Erupts as Texas Delegates Jump Ship and Fight Over Ted Cruz's Betrayal

Posted: Jul 21, 2016 4:00 PM

As everyone else in the country has settled down and shifted their efforts towards defeating Hillary Clinton in November, Ted Cruz has caused turmoil in the Texas delegation after his remarks Wednesday night at the Republican convention.  

Reporters from ABC News caught the action as it unfolded.  

"He signed a pledge and he didn't follow his word.. He will never be president and I will campaign against him because all he was doing was helping Hillary Clinton, and he's a liar," a Cruz delegate said as he stormed out of the breakfast meeting on Thursday morning.  

Another Texas representative defended Cruz by comparing the situation to a marriage.  

"If the guy that you're gonna marry goes out and does these things that is an abomination to your vows that you're going to take, then you have a right to reject that person and not marry him."

A young gentleman who was defended Trump said, "People have talked about my family and I didn't cry about it... I get over it, I'm tough."

"You're a coward," another man responded.  

"I'm a Texan," the young man stated.

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