Trump/Pence Presidential Speech: "Hillary Clinton Must Never Become President"

Posted: Jul 16, 2016 12:07 PM

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump introduced his running mate Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana, Saturday morning in New York City.  

Trump spoke about his time campaigning in Indiana and the effect that the Clinton's NAFTA project had on the economy.  He brought up Pence's record on unemployment and his ability to bring the rate down from eight to five percent.  

Pence then took the stage and formally accepted Trump invitation.  

He spoke of his upbringing and life on a small farm in southern Indiana.  

He railed against Hillary Clinton and the future that she will bring to America.

Clinton's plan to bring in millions of more refugees, by nearly 500 percent, was also mentioned.

The main point behind Pence's message was that Hillary Clinton must never become president.