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London's Iconic Red Buses Pushed to Advertise "Glory to Allah"

A large Islamic charity in London wishes to "break down barriers" and shine a positive light on Islam by launching a new advertising campaign which will apply the phrase "glory to Allah" on the iconic red buses.  


Islamic Relief, a international group that raises funds to support the protection of Islam, is responsible for the “hundreds” of buses which will be decorated with the phrase “Subhan’Allah,” or ‘Glory to Allah.’

The announcement comes only one day after London crowned its first Muslim leader, Mayor Sadiq Khan.  Islamic Relief said it was a “nice irony” that the two significant events happened back-to-back.

“There is a lot of negativity around Muslims at the moment involving things such as counterterrorism issues," said Imran Madden, a British convert to Islam and director of Islamic Relief’s United Kingdom Branch.

“We want to change for the better the perception of Islam. The bus campaign is about breaking down barriers and challenging misconceptions," he expressed.

The new Muslim mayor is now accusing Prime Minister David Cameron of using the "Donald Trump playbook" to try and divide communities in order to prevent his election.


“They used fear and innuendo to try to turn different ethnic and religious groups against each other — something straight out of the Donald Trump playbook,” Khan wrote in The Observer newspaper on Sunday.

Hillary Clinton was thrilled to hear the news of the historical changes coming to the United Kingdom.  


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