Top 10 Trump Campaign Moments

Posted: May 04, 2016 1:30 PM

1.  America Does't Have Victories Anymore

In the beginning, Donald Trump came out of no where and caught the attention of millions with a bold press conference announcing his candidacy.  He was not afraid to admit truths and blame the true culprits for the woes and mistakes of the last quarter century, the GOP establishment. 

2.  I Like People That Weren't Captured

Trump proved he was not afraid to take on even the most elite Republicans like John McCain.  He made sure that Washington, D.C. heard the people's voice loud and clear and redefined winning.

3.  Denying to Take 'The Pledge'

Denying to take 'the pledge' proved that Trump was not going to play by the GOP's archaic rules and regulations, and the American people knew it.

4.  Low Energy

The equivalent of haymaker from Mike Tyson, Trump put Jeb Bush and the entire Bush family on their backs with one blow and it was only a matter of time before the referee reached the count of ten.

5.  The Rally in Mobile, Alabama

The media said the people were only there to see a 'show' or see a famous person.  They said it was just a small faction of disaffected right wing extremists who did not represent the rest of the country.  This eventually proved to be one of the underlying critical mistakes of the establishment. 

6.  Temporarily Ban Muslims from Entering the United States

Trump told the rest of the world, time to back off! In one small statement, Trump revitalized the blessing it is to be an American citizen.  

7.  Mr. Trump, Are You Batman?

After landing his helicopter in the middle of the Iowa fairgrounds, Trump gave rides to a group of children and showed a more human side, rather than the cut-throat New York deal maker that we had come to know.

8.  The Fall of Jeb!

Enough said.

9. Its Rubio!

Trump built up his opponent Marco Rubio, filling his head with false ambitions that he would be able to overtake the front runner.  And with the flick of his finger, he knocked 'Little Marco' off the map and admonished him from the primary race.  

10.  Florida

The 2016 Republican primary contest was over on the night of March 15.  Trump had closed the door in the south, and would eventually go on to close out everything east of the Mississippi.  

Much like the false promises of the Republican party, Ted Cruz followed the phantom light of hope by winning a few midwestern states which turned out to be a curse rather than a cure.  He turned his back on New York in an attempt to win South Carolina, which he lost, therefore turning his back on  other states in the North.  

In each and every fleeting moment, we were reminded that Donald Trump fights for what he believes in at all costs.  Maybe that is the kind of thinking this country needs.