Ted Cruz 'Educates' Woman On Complicated Delegate Process: 'I Don't Control the Rules'

Posted: Apr 26, 2016 10:00 AM

During a campaign stop on Monday, Ted Cruz was confronted by a Donald Trump supporter who asked how he can justify his strategy to win the support of unbound delegates.

“We haven’t even voted at a local level yet, so how can you justify that and how can you say you aren’t the establishment candidate?” the woman asked.

“In Colorado, 65,000 people voted,” Cruz answered. “The people that voted are the grassroots activists, the exact opposite of the establishment.”

She then asked about Colorado's complicated rules that led to less than 2 percent of the state population voting in the primary.  

"Ma'am we've got an election coming up a week from tomorrow and we're here campaigning, asking for the support of men and women," he responded.

"But how can you have delegates without a vote?" she asked again.

"Every state sets up different rules," Cruz said. "I don't control the rules." 

This is not the first time Cruz has had trouble answering how he received delegates in Colorado.  He was pressed on the issue during a radio interview with Sean Hannity last week and failed to give a complete answer.  

At one point during the interview, Hannity said, "I'm getting sick of it."