GOP Fail: Kasich Says Indiana "Ought To Vote For Me'

Posted: Apr 25, 2016 2:00 PM
GOP Fail: Kasich Says Indiana "Ought To Vote For Me'

It appears the elaborate and brilliant plan developed by John Kasich and Ted Cruz has just a few minor details that need to be addressed: Who will be anointed winner of Indiana?

Not even a full 24 hours after the Kasich and Cruz came together to form the righteous team which would remove Donald Trump from frontrunner status and propel the pair into a contested convention, has the plan fallen apart.  Much like the GOP's ability to take control of Congress and place restrictions on Barack Obama's executive empire, their plan was a failure before it began.

Ted Cruz announced on Sunday that he and fellow Republican presidential candidate John Kasich would commence their formulated plan to prevent Donald Trump from winning the election.  In a pair of statements, the campaigns announced that Kasich would pull out of Indiana to give Cruz an easy victory that state's winner-take-all primary May 3, while the Cruz campaign will cede Oregon and New Mexico to Kasich. 

However, Kasich was unable to play his role in the charade and let his true colors show on Monday when talking to Indiana voters.

“I’ve never told them not to vote for me. They ought to vote for me," Kasich said in a Philadelphia diner, 

Why can't these guys stick to a plan and do what they said? Oh yeah, they're politicians.