Donald Trump Jr Goes Off: "When the American People Get to Vote, We Win"

Posted: Apr 20, 2016 9:00 AM

In an interview Tuesday night with Sean Hannity, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and their sister Tiffany Trump all expressed excitement after their father's enormous victory in the Empire State.  

Trump Jr. had some choice words for the Republican Party's election process  by saying, "When you let the voters vote, we do incredibly well.  When you try and suppress that, it's a different system."

"We have to let the American people decide," he said.

He went on to explain how his father's ability to pull independent voters should be harnessed by the GOP instead of rejected. 

"The GOP should embrace that. They shouldn't run from it.  But they're worried about someone who's gonna shake it up.  They're worried about someone who is gonna get rid of their little cadre system where everyone takes care of everyone else," he explained.  

He went on to acknowledge how his father has empowered the people with a voice that they have not had before.

"He wants to speak to the people.  He's given people a voice.  He wants to focus on the blue collar, hard working Americans.  The only non-protected class in this country are the people who made this country great, are the people who built this country, and they don't have a voice anymore.  He wants to be their voice.  He wants to make sure they're heard," he said.

Trump Jr. continued to bash the GOP primary process when he brought up the lucrative dealings that some claim is going on behind the scenes in states with at-large delegates.  

"It's bribery.  If we did that in business, you'd go to jail.  The American people are coming on to it.  They're understanding it and they're disgusted," he said.