Blue Jays Manager: "I Guess We'll All Come Out Wearing Dresses Tomorrow"

Posted: Apr 06, 2016 2:15 PM

Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons sounded off on Tuesday after a controversial new rule in baseball may have cost his team a win.  

A routine ground ball was hit too third. The Rays' third baseman threw to second for one out and the second baseman turned for the double play but missed the throw for a second out. A runner scored and it appeared that the Blue Jays had tied the game.  But in our newly created era of rules and regulations, the Chase Utley Rule went into effect and the officials deemed the runner sliding into second base interfered with the second baseman for the Rays.  

Gibbons shared his frustration with reporters after the game.

“Are we trying to turn the game into a joke?” he asked reporters. “I mean, really. That was flat out embarrassing. That cost us an opportunity to win a Major League game. Was that the intent? Well, that’s probably the results you’re going to get. I was talking to some guys in Spring Training, said wait until it happens when it ends a game, a Major League game. It truly is an embarrassment.”

"Guess we'll come out wearing dresses tomorrow," Gibbons said.  

To those people who agree with defending the second basemen from a little slap on the wrist, I say: