Ted Cruz Calling for the High Rollers to Meet in Las Vegas

Posted: Mar 18, 2016 8:50 PM

According to CNN, Ted Cruz is calling for some of his top donors to have a special meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada in the coming weeks with minimum entrance fees of $100,000.  New members would only be required to donate $50,000 to help the anti-Trump movement. 

The retreat for national finance committee members comes at a time when Cruz's fundraising team is taking on more moneymen in order to wage a long, expensive national campaign, in order to prevent Republican front-runner Donald Trump from locking up the delegates needed to win the nomination.

A total of $63 million has been spent so far by various super PACs in order to bring down the Republican frontrunner, but little has seemed to distract voters from rallying behind Donald Trump.  

“The situation is fluid regarding how these stop Trump campaigns will move forward,” a source close to the anti-Trump efforts told ABC News. “Decisions will be made over the coming days as to the best use of resources: continue a public advertising campaign to further expose Trump’s record and slow his primary momentum or work on a delegate strategy at the GOP convention.”

Meanwhile, Trump's numbers only continue to rise, especially in the State of New York where he is polling at 65 percent.  

“And you explain it to me because I can't,” Trump said on Tuesday night. “My numbers went up. I don't understand it. Nobody understands it.”