Stage-Rusher: "Islam is Peaceful... They Have Their Extremists and We Have Ours"

Posted: Mar 14, 2016 7:16 AM

The man who rushed the stage at Donald Trump's rally on Saturday has been released from jail and CNN interviewed him Sunday afternoon.

He was asked what his plan was once he ran through the Secret Service and reached the Republican front-runner.  

"I'm focused on getting up there... I'm focused on the microphone.  Because the second I can get to the microphone, I can clutch it in my hands, I can speak.  And I've robbed him of his voice," the man said.  

He went on to say that Donald Trump is mainly promoting fear and that Islamophobia is what drives most Trump supporters.  

"The people who are afraid of what I did are also afraid of the Nation of Islam which, throughout the majority of the world, is peaceful.  They have their extremists and we have ours."