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Are You in Denial?

After Tuesday night's defeat, Marco Rubio was interviewed by CNN's Jake Tapper and was asked about personal denial. 

"Senator you keep saying that and he keeps winning states and you're talking about Virginia and that's another state that Donald Trump won.  And I'm just wondering if there's a certain amount of denial that you're in about this race?" Tapper asked.


"No Jake," Rubio responded.  "We're in the winner take all phase of this.  You know this is about delegate count...I will fight as long and as hard as it takes."

This is the mentality of the entire Republican Establishment; proving themselves right no matter what the cost.  Spend every dollar, expend every American life, and do it all with a grand smile in an attempt to prove that your theory of the American experiment is correct.   

Thankfully, this archaic thinking is coming to an end and the status quo no longer accepts this corrupt way of governing.  The people are exhausted from a 15 year war for which we have nothing to show for and eight years of Obama cramming every crumb of legislation he deems necessary down the weak Establishment's throat.  When Establishment politicians look into the camera do they not see a country that is completely weak and enervated by their wrong doing?  No they do not, they just keep smiling.

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