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Yikes: Iran Flew Drone Over US Aircraft Carrier

According to Iranian state television, a surveillance drone was flown over a U.S. aircraft carrier earlier this month taking "precise" photographs in part of a larger naval drill.  


Shockingly, Cmdr. Kevin Stephens acknowledges that an Iranian drone flew "directly over" the US Harry Truman on January 12th as the vessels were in the Persian Gulf.  He said the drone "posed no danger to the ship" as the unmanned aircraft was unarmed and the carrier wasn't conducting flight operations at the time.

Wow, what is going on here?  We have instilled an unhealthy amount of trust in our own government, so why not spread some of that love and trust to other governments around the world?  Let history answer this question for us. 

This only comes a few weeks after 10 American sailors were taken captive at gunpoint on public television in a successful attempt to make a mockery of the United States.   It is clear that Iran is not afraid to show the rest of the world how foolish we really are.  

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