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MSNBC Has Enough of Trump Talking--Forces Him Off Live Air

Donald Trump is receiving a great amount of scrutiny from the media, Democrats, Republicans, and news outlets across the country for his comments last night about "banning all Muslims."   


Mika Brzezinski showed great concern for the Muslim community during these times of strife and questioned if Trump's plan is counterproductive to the overall assimilation of Muslims.  

"No, I think it is something that has to be done," Trump said.  "I think it is a temporary move.  I am not looking at this long term.  I am looking at it temporary.  We have to get our hands around a very serious problem.  Look at what happened in Paris, the horrible carnage, and frankly Mika, if you look at Paris... it is no longer the same city it was," Trump explained.  

He explained that there are some parts of France and Britain that even the local police will not enter in fear of losing their lives.  

"We have to find out who gave this guy $28,000; put it in his account.  How many other $28,000 checks were made?  Are there thousands all over the country?  I wan to get our hands around a very difficult situation."

"Alright, alright Donald," Joe Scarborough said.  

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