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Donald Trump was on the "Hannity Show" where he expressed his views on the president’s recent comments on the events that have unfolded in Paris. 

“I mean, personally, I don’t think he was meant for this job, you want to know the truth. The temperament is wrong. I watched that disastrous news conference yesterday. It was insulting. He wasn’t angry at the killers, the murderers, the animals that did this horrible thing. He was angry at reporters, and I think some of the Republicans, frankly. But he was angry at the reporters, and I just don’t think — it just, it’s not for him. And unfortunately, we all have to suffer with it, but this job is not for him. That was a terrible performance yesterday, and an embarrassment to the country,” he said.


Obama said yesterday that his strategy against ISIS is working and that ISIS is just a handful of people. Last Thursday, before the Paris attacks, Obama said that ISIS was contained.

Donald Trump believes that the recent refugee crisis is simply a ‘trojan horse' tactic that will eventually put American lives at risk. Trump also believes that the clash of cultures between Muslims who are raised in societies with Sharia Law and American citizens may not be constructive to society.

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