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What We Know About the 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

*This list only includes candidates from the main event of the November 10th Fox Business debate listed in ranking order according to recent Polls.

Donald Trump:


The business guru and media mastermind has been the outright leader since announcing his candidacy in June. Running his campaign with the motto “Make America Great Again,” Trump has won the hearts and minds of middle class Americans all across the board. He flew his massive jet-liner around the city of Mobile, Alabama where he drew crowds that were estimated at 30,000 people. From New Hampshire to Alabama, Donald Trump is something the other candidates are going to have to 'deal' with.

Dr. Ben Carson:

Just behind Donald Trump and closing with speed is Dr. Ben Carson. A neurosurgeon who was director of pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital joins Trump as having never been an elected official. His free-market thinking and humble beginnings have propelled him steadily to the top.

Senator Marco Rubio:

Senator Rubio was also a popular pick in the beginning of campaign season but suffered a steep low-point in early October. He has since rebounded after attacks from his fellow Florida politician Jeb Bush. Senator Rubio is a young face trying to bring new blood into the Republican Party.


Senator Ted Cruz:

Another early favorite, Senator Cruz was the first to announce his candidacy in late March. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Senator Cruz has played it safe these past few months not making any significant enemies and keeping the attention turned towards Hillary Clinton. He represents the surge of the Tea-Party movement and promises a return of Constitutional values to Washington, D.C. and our judicial system.

Jeb Bush:

Picked to be the eventual winner of the Republican Primaries, Bush’s campaign has seen its fair share turmoil. The former Florida Governor has sparred with Trump and Senator Rubio several times and each time has seen his poll numbers drop. With donors threatening to drop their support and key coordinators leaving the campaign, Bush may have to make something special happen in order to recover.

Senator Rand Paul:

Representing the libertarian movement, Senator Paul had early interest from large groups of young adults throughout the country but his message is often covered up by the name brand front runners. His attacks on the NSA and threats to abolish the IRS have made him a polarizing figure. Nonetheless, Senator Paul stays true to his message no matter what the poll numbers say.


Carly Fiorina:

A former businesswoman and CEO, Fiorina is the only woman running in the Republican Primary. Her aggressive style and competitiveness have allowed her room to be a true contender. She is haunted by bad reports from her time spent as chief executive officer at Hewlett-Packard Company. However, she has what seems to be the one key weapon used to rise to the top of the field: no political background.

Governor John Kasich:

One of the latest members to join the debate field is Governor John Kasich. At times, some of his counterparts have considered him an ornery character who seems to push a less than conservative agenda. His poll numbers have not had any substantial rise but the Governor always makes his presence known on the debate stage.

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